Sunday, January 3, 2010

(Kezia has gone with us to many trips. She always enjoys the sights, sounds, places, and activities she gets to do while sitting in the car for hours on end. Our van does not have a DVD player, but Kezia's attitude shows me we may not even need one.)

Kezia, our lovely daughter,

Tomorrow you will be six years old, so I wanted to write something about you for you to remember:

When you were five years old, you were a very kind, helpful, sweet, faithful, and above all, happy girl. You have made us happy since we first knew we would be your parents. At five years old, you can express yourself really well in Spanish and English, and you are very interested in learning German. You can read many words and many books by yourself. This year alone we've read together more than 300 books. Some with many words, others with a few, and one with no words, remember? You write your own letters and create beautiful cards for your friends and family.

You love to sing, dance, and color, arts that you have developed really well. You're incredibly good at the piano. You've learned to play by ear and know more than 57 songs. Some hymns, some children's songs from your CDs, and some Christmas songs. If you keep at it, you'll develop this talent and become a great pianist.
Zoe, Grace, Sarah, Noelle, and Nathan are your good friends and love playing with you and sitting with your at Church. Your are Joseph's best friend; you laugh and play together a lot every day. I thank you for this.

Thank you also for praying for us when we've been sick or sad. Many times we saw you out in the back yard or in your room praying for us, and our Heavenly Father has answered each one of those heartfelt prayers. He loves you and will guide your footsteps anytime you search for Him. You love our Savior Jesus Christ and want to follow Him. You want to be true to enjoy the company of the Holy Ghost.

This six years of your life have filled our lives with light, happiness, and joy, our dear Princess! We love you with all our hearts!